Movies: Puddlejumper

Maui – Day 3

It’s Saturday morning. I woke up again around 9am. The humidity and the heat is stronger that I would have thought for Hawaii. It makes you wake up early, even if parties kept you up until 4am. I got in Maui Thursday afternoon, jumped into my luxurious rented neon and drove to the other side of the island where I met up with Dave and Rhett who have been here since Tuesday.

We’re here to screen our new short film Puddlejumper. It’s the premiere screen at the festival, outside, under the stars, over 50 feet wide.. It’s the perfect place to screen. We are the only short playing in front of the closing night film, Igby goes Down (staring Susan Sarandon & Jeff Goldblum). This will be our biggest and best screening to date. Our mission is to get as many people to attend our screening as possible.

On Thursday night the festival organizers had a VIP party for the filmmakers at the Four Seasons Hotel. Free martini’s everywhere, shrimp, oysters, London Broil strips and a perfect view of the sun setting into the ocean. Bo Derek and her current boyfriend, John Corbett (Northern Exposure Tall DJ) where there promoting their film, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. John and Bo got a Puddeljumper postcard, they said they’d try and make it to our screening. We’ll see.

Alice Cooper is here promoting some film. I haven’t had the chance to speak with him yet, maybe I can do that tonight. Unfortunately we have a limited supply of our Puddlejumper postcards so every person we met we have to evaluate their postcard worthiness. We talked with Joel Seigal, movie reviewer for Good Morning America. He said he’s difinately going to see Puddlejumper on Sunday night since it’s part of the closing night film. We gave him a postcard and told him to write us a good review.

Last night we went to a Clint Eastwood tribute. A very big party celebrating the career of ‘the man’. He looked very good. He didn’t get a postcard yet but by the end of today he’ll know all about Puddlejumper. Larry King was rude to us and said he’s flying out Sunday afternoon so he couldn’t come see our film. I took my postcard back from him. Rosanna Arquette is here promoting her film. She looked very Hollywood. She walked around with this “I’m a Movie Star” attitude thing. I decided she didn’t deserve a Puddlejumper invite. We were recognized and hung out with a couple filmmakers we met at the Arizona Film Festival. They had a couple of very bad screening times and they only screened once. They were jealous of our three screening times at the festival.

Today we aren’t going to any films just a party later tonight. I think Dave and Rhett are going golfing.. I might just go float in the ocean.Aloha – Chris in Maui…is my film playing near you..? PUDDLEJUMPER