Louden Swain


Rob – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Borja – Bass, Vocals
Stephen – Drums, Vocals

1.  You’re in hell…what’s on the radio?
Celine Dion and a rock block of boy bands.

2.  What was your first musical experience?
Abba or Kiss, or music in church, 8 track tapes of Sinatra… It1s all a blur…

3.  What is in your cd player now?
Celine Dion & Menuedo… Just kidding. U2 Greatest Hits, Queens of the Stone Age, the new Radiohead, Wilco, All-American Rejects

4.  What is the best live performance you’ve ever seen? Worst?
Best: Rage w/the Foo Fighters or U2 Joshua Tree Tour; Worst – Motley Crue in 99.
5.  Musical influences?
Cheap Trick, The Cars, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Replacements, R.E.M.

6.  What1s the weirdest gig moment or road trip you1ve had?  
We were playing the Viper Room and these girls started throwing their panties at Borja. We always knew he was the ladies man in the band.

7.  What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
I [Stephen] worked at McDonald1s in high school, it SUCKED – on the last day I accidentally dumped the grease trap all over the floor 5 minutes before I was supposed to clock out.  I think they1re still trying to clean it up. Borja had a sweet gig at Marshall1s in the women1s shoe department.

8.  Do you think people should be able to download music from the internet
for free?
If a band decides to give people free downloads at their own site, then that1s cool.  But mass downloading needs to go into a subscription type service.  If people continue to downlaod music for free, the real artists
will starve and we1ll be left with corporate rock. Apple1s got a great thing going on right now with iTunes, and Roxio is trying to launch Napster 2.0 which will be the same deal, $.99 per song, which is a good price. The reality is that artists make a big chunk of their living through CD sales, if that disappears, we1re fucked. Is $.99 per song really that much to help support great music?

9.  Have you ever been in jail, and if so, why?
Nope… Not yet anyway… Although we have all been to Alcatraz.

10. What is the performer and/or song are you most ashamed for liking?
Justin Timberlake – 3Cry Me A River2  – the production is great… But he1s
such a wiener. The Carpenter1s are up there too.

11. What product would you endorse for free and why?
Quiznos – Ya just can1t beat that toasted taste!  See, we1re endorsing them

12. Major accomplishments in your band (besides keeping it together)?
Our 3Overachiever2 EP, we recorded it on our own for less than $2K; and reaching out to fans in places like Malaysia, China, Venezuela, and the UK through our website.

13. Tell us a groupie story you1ve experienced – be it yourself or someone else.
We could tell you, but then we1d have to kill you.

14. How did you find your bandmembers?  Through friends, ads or poaching?
We met up through mutual friends.  Rob & Borja went to Northwestern University as did a high school friend of mine [Stephen] who introduced us. Thanks Kretz.

15. You’re in heaven…what’s on the radio?
Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cars, The Police, Prince, Parlament… Good God we1re getting FUNKY now! Too much to list here!

Last Modified on February 3, 2020
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