Interview: A Chat with skin pounder “Skinny” of Mushroomhead

“…an eight-piece, rave-metal freak show ” – Metal Edge

“…darkly erotic – in the most insane kind of way.” – Album Network

Interview by Cindy Pop
Photos by Therese McKeon

We caught up with Skinny on his cellphone in Hartford, Conn. He was on his way into Guitar Center.

Cindy – Hey Skinny? what are you buying?
Skinny – Just supplies, stuff we need for the band for the tour.

Cindy – I love the cd, I was surprised, I got the press kit, and said oh no, a metal band that wears masks, yikes, and I put on the cd and loved it.
Skinny – It’s that never judge a book by cover thing.


Cindy – The music is great, so dark and yet beautiful and dramatic, very surreal…
Skinny – and dark and creepy…

Cindy – I love creepy…
Skinny – well, that’s us…

Cindy – Describe your band and it’s music?
Skinny – With 8 members it keeps a wide variety happening, very aggressive, aggressive like a rollercoaster, it’s up and down like real life, we are trying to represent all of the elements and emotions instead of just one.

Cindy – Is it cool being in a band with your brother?
Skinny – Yea, Gravy, we’ve been in a lot of bands together, we got another band, which we still do, he wasn’t the original guitarist for Mushroomhead, he joined us about a year ago.

Cindy – What does the world need to know about your band?
Skinny – They need to know what they’re missing, they need to know what they don’t know, they need to come and see us.

Cindy – A quick band history?
Skinny – Formed in 92, played first show in 93, first cd in 95, recorded, mixed, mastered and issued independently, got picked up by Universal.

Cindy – They reissued the original “XX” (Double X) one you put out ?
Skinny – Yea, but they wanted to remix it.

Cindy – Is it a lot different from your original, better quality?
Skinny – Quality is a matter of opinion, it is different, some of the songs I like them redone, some I still like our originals better, some our guys like it and some don’t, its hard to redo something after a year, you get use to it being the way it was, it was a good experience though.

Cindy – Do you feel like you are still true to yourselves?
Skinny – Yea, after 8 years and 3 albums before Universal we have a pretty fair idea what we want to do and I will always still be doing the producing.

Cindy – You have a song on the Scorpion King soundtrack, have you seen the movie?
Skinny – It’s a brand new song, its not on this release, I haven’t seen it, some of the guys have seen it.


Cindy – What’s your opinion of the music industry?
Skinny – It’s a crazy world, I don’t know if I do it again if I had the choice (chuckles), its really cool, music right now is really strange to me, theres some real heavy bands out there, and then theres some other bands coming out of leftfield that I don’t get at all, but that’s okay, if I liked everything, it would be boring.

Cindy – What does the music industry need more or less of?
Skinny – More variety, I think people need to do more of their own thing, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, or how everyone else is going to feel about what they’re presenting, a lot of bands to me, sound much to much alike.

Cindy – To much of the same formula?
Skinny – Same formula, as far as writing songs, same tuning of guitars, same vocal style, a lot of labels and bands think oh, it worked for those guys, lets do that again, oh, sure , it may work but it doesn’t come across as genuine.

Cindy – What makes your band different (laughs), although I think I know? I love the masks, theres one guy not wearing one?
Skinny – Yea, we got two singers and they both wear makeup on stage, in the photos though one of the vocalists is wearing a mask.

Cindy – You’re touring alot right now? Any memorable moments?
Skinny – We are, alot, Its kinda a blur as your doing it, so it’s hard to think of moments, but when youre done and you stop and look back and its like wow, we just did a thousands of mles across the United States.

Cindy – Any fav town you’ve played?
Skinny – Where we are at right now has been great, Hartford, Conn area, and Massechussets, it has been great shows, crowd response, even radio support.

Cindy – Anything cool coming up for the band?
Skinny – We are looking forward to the fall, we got a lot of cool stuff we are doing in the summer, we got Local Bazooka and Ozzfest, but in the fall we are going to do our own headling Halloween tour during the month of October.

Cindy – Cool. Is the Halloween tour coming to LA?
Skinny – I believe so, we roll through LA on the Ozzfest to, not sure where or what venue?

Cindy – Anything to add for online fans?
Skinny – Thanks for the support, everyone has been great, check out the websites so you can stay informed, Check us at Ozzfest, Local Bazooka, pick up the record, we will be back.

Cindy – Hey, I’ll go see you on the Halloween tour! Thanks, Skinny!
Skinny – Take care, thanks for the support!