Sarah Fimm – A Perfect Dream

At first glance at the cd artwork, one thinks “ah-ha…a gathering of gothic fairytales. Not quite so. The lyrics on opening track “Be Like Water” gives recommendations on what to do and not to do for one’s life…and ask questions such as “Why can’t I be the answer you want?” “Wrong Side Up” has a bit of a the piano Tori Amos “Cornflake Girl” feel. Sarah Fimm’s overall vibe can best be described as Enya meets a mojave desert which we like. Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)

Joseph Patrick Moore’s: Drum n Bass Society “Volume 1”

Great if your on peyote is the general thought of this group of reviewers. The tracks on this CD seem to be all cover songs like “Down Under” (Men At Work), “Ghost Town” (The Specials) , and “One Thing Leads To Another” (The Fixx). If your having a bbq – you gotta have this on the boom box! (Mark Englert, WC Moriarity, Dawn Laureen)

I Miss The Ramones So F**king Bad

by KXLU Reverend Dan

The Ramones were not punk rock. Every idiot knows that. They were just four hoodlums from Queens who wanted to play rock and roll like every other jacss in the U-S of A.


And instead of just being a band, they goddamn changed the world as you and I know it. Four delinquents banging away on crappy instruments making the most angelic and holy music ever. Rock and Roll with a primitive brutal beauty. Ever watch Gilligan’s Island? Sure you have.

And you know that when Gilligan would turn on the radio, this cool twangy Rock and Roll would always blast out. This twangy, goofy, Bo Diddley-esqe rave up.

And it would only play for a second or two, but those two seconds of noise captured the wild abandon that is the essense of Rock and Roll perfectly. The Ramones are the logical idiot evolution of the “Gilligan’s Island Radio Music,” They were the perfect essense of Rock and Roll, a true milestone in music history. No I”m not fking kidding.
These guys were important!

And if you were a fledgling guitar player, their first album was the one album you could absolutely play along with to every single song! That’s probably why so many garage bands birthed up after the Ramones; they taught us how to play the guitar (or bass, for that matter…left channel: bass, right channel: guitar). They didn’t know they were geniusessese…genii…they didn’t know they were brilliant. But they were. Go ahead, put that first album on right now…I know you’ve got it.

And you really need to hear it again. You’ll dig it of course, but right about when you get to “Chainsaw” you’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your chair or bed with your mouth hanging open at the sonic perfection cranking from the speakers. From guys wearing torn jeans and t-shirts. Hell, I could do that! Let’s start a band! What would the world be like without the Ramones? It would be JUST LIKE IT FKING IS RIGHT NOW. God I fking miss the Ramones. I thank every deity that the records still exist, some small documentation that a band that amazing ever even existed.

And I thank every deity that the spirit of the Ramones lives on in bands all over the world. We will remember.

Null_Objct – Null_Objct

First off, TRICKY BAND NAME! A band name with an underscore in it??? Hey! What’da expect from an experimental erratic instrumental indie rock project headed up by guitarist and composer Gary Hebert? Sitarish guitar sounds are abundant on songs like “Retinal Scar”, “Hiding Bridges” and “Disconnect” If any of these songs were blasted over the speakers in a movie theater we would not be unhappy! (Cindy Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)

Kelly Mantle


Well, they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! And the debut CD from baseball legend Mickey Mantle’s androgynous nephew Kelly Mantle shows that there may be another star in the family. “Ever Changing,” produced by Pansy Division’s Chris Freeman, features 15 melodic, folk/pop/rock songs that showcase Mantle’s rich voice, strong songwriting skills and flair for lyrics that strike a careful balance between sincerity and sentimentality. Highlights include the lilting “You Cast A Spell On Me,” the propulsive “Mathematics Of Love,” and the wistful “She’s Got You.” These sexually ambiguous tales of love and desire make for a promising first effort out of the boxbut what would ‘The Mick’ think?! (W. C. Moriarity)

The Citizens – Are We There Yet?

Michael Stipe sounding vocals blending harmonies can be found on this cd. Dreamy tunes…a Beatles collision ending on “What’s Happening”. “A Thing For You” speeds up a bit with the continuation of tempo throughout the balance of the CD. This group can best be described as “The Strokes doing Coldplay and Big Star in a big way.” Reviewer response card was not included….sorry guys! (Mark Englert, WC Moriarity, Dawn Laureen)

Living Space – Fade into Existence

From first track “19 Lines” to ending track “Boo Moe”, the musical vibe of the songs have a Hootie-Blue-Oyster-Cult sound. The beginning of the instrumental section of track 5 “Don’t Be Long” is cool, and the vocal delivery is effective too. Track 7 “Officer, he made me do it” is the one track on this disc that has the biggest indie rock sound. For more go to (Cindy Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)