Prime-Time Sublime Community Orchestra

The collage artwork on the cd cover matches the “songs” on this cd. Atmospheric collage type sounds meshed together to resemble nothing cohesive. Frank Zappa does the Planet of the Apes soundtrack. A keeper for one of the reviewers. If you’ve read this far and you can guess which reviewer kept this CD we’ll send […]

frencheryk – It’s All The Same

Besides releaseing a charity song for the Rainbow Family Trust in their spare time, these English boys sing in a free flying style throughout the tracks. Cat Stevens meets XTC and had a baby called Elvis if you can conjure up that mixture of sound. (Mark Englert, WC Moriarity, Dawn Laureen)

The Warbrides – Issues

From the brrrrrrrrrrrrr state of Illinois, the press release promises that the proceeds from the sale of their CD will be donated to Amesty International. Dire Straits country tuned! (Mark Englert, WC Moriarity, Dawn Laureen)