Kelly Mantle

Well, they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! And the debut CD from baseball legend Mickey Mantle’s androgynous nephew Kelly Mantle shows that there may be another star in the family. “Ever Changing,” produced by Pansy Division’s Chris Freeman, features 15 melodic, folk/pop/rock songs that showcase Mantle’s rich voice, strong songwriting skills […]

Living Space – Fade into Existence

From first track “19 Lines” to ending track “Boo Moe”, the musical vibe of the songs have a Hootie-Blue-Oyster-Cult sound. The beginning of the instrumental section of track 5 “Don’t Be Long” is cool, and the vocal delivery is effective too. Track 7 “Officer, he made me do it” is the one track on this […]

Charlie Nice – Charlie Nice

This cd lives up to their “good time” authentic rock motto and reminiscent Jack Daniels logo. Definite southern flavor abound on tracks like “Straight To Hell” and “My Mind Told Me”. Get the J.D. out now! (Cindy Pop, Reverend Dan, Dawn Laureen)

Review: Lauren Braddock

Ahhhhh! A flower child from Nashville…who would have thought? Whimsical acoustical flavored songs meshed with light vocals on songs like”Four Letter Word” (we’re guessing it’s not FREE!), “Ignorance is Bliss” which is reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, and the song “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” fools the listener by starting the song with Tammy Wynette’s version of this song with […]

Review: Fooled by April – Fooled by April

This CD passed the Dert! 15 second test which is better than most! The songs have a Brit pop feel throughout all the tracks. “Nobody Knows” starts off this 3 song demo and it has A&R potential. “Don’t Want you Around” has Cindy Pop’s head bouncing! Produced by Mike Daly of Whiskeytown. (Cindy Pop, Reverend […]

Review: Kat Terran – Lion and Blue

This folk goth rock artist originates from Seattle. No grunge here! Delicate vocals surround acoustic guitar notes and various stringed instruments on song “Aspen Tree” and it continues throughout songs like “Baltic Soldier”. Moody and pleasantly dark Kat Terran gets a thumbs up! They’s be a great opening act for Rasputina. What radio station would […]

Review: Freax

From Brazil, the bands bio throws questions out like “Do you like a little pain with your pleasure?” etc. And after opening this press pack and checking out the cd artwork we had to immediately slap this puppy in the cd player! Together since 1985 – which is a very long time, Freax’s opening track […]