Review: Blacklist – 3 Song Demo EP

From Missouri, these guys have been together for a year and are already recording their first album (which they are holding a contest for artwork for their cd)! The opening track of “Opening Eyes” (clever?) on their 3 song EP has a”rage lite” feel then kicks in with a sitarish, mystical vibe on the following […]

Review: The Sally Zito Project at Highland Grounds

Singer-songwriter Sally Zito recently brought her strong storytelling skills and literate lyric writing to an overflowing audience at Hollywood’s Highland Grounds. Much of her material touches on the various struggles that often accompany the search for love and acceptance in a complicated world. And a tight band–including husband-and-wife team Brady and Tricia Steel on upright […]

Review: Live at Coachella

Let’s just start off by saying, two days too much! The Coachella Music and Art Festival in Indio, IN A DESERT! Despite getting deep fried, dehydrated, and experiencing near-death by exhaustion from running across a 10 mile stretch of grass from one great gig to the next, the music was amazing… what else can I […]

Review: Rick Andersen – Little Fish

With Rick’s lyrical delivery and a harmonica present on most of the songs, this disc makes for a real “Dylan feel”. Couldn’t help skipping to the final track of “Baby Maker” to see what the song was about. Answer: a variety of questions directed toward women. If you love Dylan, you’ll love the tracks on […]

Review: Sarah Fimm – A Perfect Dream

At first glance at the cd artwork, one thinks “ah-ha…a gathering of gothic fairytales. Not quite so. The lyrics on opening track “Be Like Water” gives recommendations on what to do and not to do for one’s life…and ask questions such as “Why can’t I be the answer you want?” “Wrong Side Up” has a […]