Interview: Munkey Juice

Nelly Heise – Git & VoxBub Heise – Bass GitVladimir Stak – Bangin’ and suchColumbus, Ohio; and St. Paul, 1. You’re in hell…what’s on the radio? Nelly: I was once told all the good bands are in hell. Anywho, Catherine Zeta-Jones singing anything, J. Lo, Cher, and Limp Bizkit. Bub: I think if I was […]

Interview: Louden Swain

Rob – Lead Vocals, GuitarBorja – Bass, VocalsStephen – Drums, 1.  You’re in hell…what’s on the radio?Celine Dion and a rock block of boy bands. 2.  What was your first musical experience?Abba or Kiss, or music in church, 8 track tapes of Sinatra… It1s all a blur… 3.  What is in your cd player […]

Music: Letter from The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols just made the above announcement on February 24, 2006. They are not going to the ceremony. After 8 or so nominations to be inducted, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anonymous “decision makers” finally decided that the Sex Pistols should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along […]

Music: Marilyn Manson caught in the act!

 Upon exiting his big old white limo, Marilyn was besieged by swarms of fans and photographers…one of the “professional” autographer collectors was on bended knee, head bowed down, with his pen in one hand, and picture book in other, waiting for Marilyn to sign off…instead, Marilyn repeatedly said “Give me a hand job and I’ll […]

Obits: Johnny Ramone’s Friends

October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004 All of Johnny’s friends turned out for the statue unveiling at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary Friday, January 14. It was a bit of a turn off when we arrived at the front gate and was asked if we were on the guest or press list and that we […]

Obits: Johnny Ramone

Johnny Ramone, age 55, guitarist and co-founder of The Ramones, has died. He passed away in his sleep September 15 (Wed) at his Los Angeles home, surrounded by friends and family. He had battled prostate cancer for five years, and was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in June. Ramone, born John Cummings, was one […]

Obits: Mario Duane Gardner

1968 – 2002 Mario was dramatic, angry, compassionate and wickedly funny. A performance artist, actor, and one of the most beautiful singing voices ever (an angel and demon sharing one voice.) He did mainstream but what really showed his talent was the undeground feature film, Days of Pentcost and an award winning series of shorts […]

Obits: Marc “Mad Marc Rude” Hoffman

1954-2002 Marc’s amazing artwork has been published in the past issues of Dert!, the “hip-pocket” size magazine started in 1991. In the first issue of Dert! Marc gave me an india ink drawing of a pierced penis. I wasn’t too sure about how Dert! readers would respond to his artistic expression. I ran it, and […]