Anthony Ausgang's Close Out Wednesday Nite BBQ

Host Anthony is blinded by the fun of the bbq while Dawn and Carrie say "cheese" for the camera!



Dukey and Dave showing off their best...................Glenda and Larry




Rush, Ian, Jim Balsam, BBQ Glamour Gal with cutie Brendon Mullen, and Gus Hudson



Stewart and Mike Griffin ...............................Janet and Sally



Gus and Nick Lucking......................BBQ Glamour Gal again, Gus and Ned

Donny Popejoy, Paul, Carrie Schultz, Brian Bentley



Nick and Jim

BBQ Madman, Tequila Mockingbird, Mike Griffin



Punkhouse BBQ Shinanigans!

Cutie Nick had a birthday with cake !


Donny Popejoy, Santanica, Glenn and Sherri


punkhouse pumpkin couple


Miriam Jacobson of Spooky Pie, Shawna and Dawn

caught in the middle of a juicy Burning Man tale...


Handsome punkhouse guys Jon Alloway and Jim Balsam


Leigh Johnson shows off her talent as a hairdresser!



Anthony Ausgang and Dawn have punk smiles for the punkhouse bbq!



Felicia hosts a Wednesday Nite BBQ !

Ron and Hostess Felicita


Cake, Ian, Carrie, Ed and Andrea


watch out for these 2!!!

Jim and Mona G.




Gal friends and Ron



Ms. Hostess Janet swings a Wednesday BBQ!

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Ms. Hostess Janet, Peter, BBQ Madman, Evelyn



too much fun at Dawn's second Wednesday nite BBQ...

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Willy Spectre, Sabrina, Mr. BBQ Guy, Dawn, Evelyn and Miriam Jacobson




Dawn's May 26 Kick Off BBQ

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Abe Lincoln Story Steve M. and Anthony Ausgang



MONA G's Wednesday Nite BBQ and Brithday Bash!

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Birthday Gal Mona G and fans!



Wednesday Nite BBQ FUN at JUSTIN and SUZEL'S!!!!

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Cake - caught in the act of having fun!