The Sex Pistols just made the above announcement on February 24, 2006. They are not going to the ceremony. After 8 or so nominations to be inducted, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anonymous "decision makers" finally decided that the Sex Pistols should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Black Sabbath, Blondie, Miles Davis, Lynard Skynyrd and Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss. With tickets going at a mind-boggling $1,500 per person for balcony seats and $2,500 for floor seating, who can afford to attend this celebrated event besides music industry professionals? Certainly not the fans that supported and made these bands what they are today. Performances are usually provided by the inductees, and one wonders if Ozzy will perform with his "Ozzy Osbourne" solo non-inductee back up players or the original Black Sabbath inductees? What about Blondie? They've been on the road with a hired guitarist filling in for original guitarist and inductee, Frank Infante and a hired bassist filling in for original bassist and inductee, Nigel Harrison (who replaced first bassist, and inductee, Gary Valentine). Will the public get the real deal playing on stage or some fabricated "let's-see-if-anyone-notices-that-these-aren't-the-original -members-who-were-just-inducted-playing" deal that corporate music management and artist 's over-exploded egos put together to shove down listener's throats? The ideal performance by the bands being inducted would be by the inductees in attendance, for each band. Unfortunately, that didn't happen with Creedence Clearwater Revival when they were inducted. The Hall of Fame anonymous "decision makers" allowed one member of that band to perform without the rest of the inducted bandmembers who were in attendance, who were forced to sit in the audience while that one member played. (those bandmembers got up and left when the set started). A music industry corporate move. Time will tell if the original inductees of the bands will play and hopefully the fans won't be dissapointed by the politics or any personal grudges getting into the way of what the fans originally signed up for. Maybe the corporate music industry will not prevail this time? Right on Sex Pistols.


RUSH - R30

This 30th Annivereayr World Tour box set is a must have. This Canadian band has been at it for over 3 decades - with the original bandmembers - and they've put together some fan favorites "Xanadu", "Working Man" and of course, "Tom Sawyer" in this package. Loaded with 2 DVDs of interviews, rare footage spanning from 1979 to 2002 and complete footage of the sold-out Frankfurt, Germany September 2004 concert, this box set contains an additional set of CDs of live music. Rush's rendition of cover songs "Summertime Blues" and "Crossroads" are rocking. "Limelight" is especially sweet with vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee belting out the lyricswith his signature vocal delivery. Guitarist Alex Lifeson is simply amazing on the strings and drummer Neil Peart doesn't dissapoint with his calculated and well executed drum beats. Kick it out!


Here's the official Sex Pistols announc_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Hall of Fame  We have no other information to report at this time.


For those who couldn't make it to the Derby Dolls game - well - it was a blast and the Trust Fund Babies won that nite. There were some spin outs on the rink and a few bruises and scars...and everyone had a great time! If you wanna know more about these bad girls go to http://www.derbydolls.com (photo: Dawn Laureen)




Johnny Ramone

October 8, 1948 - September 15, 2004

Johnny and true fans...

All of Johnny's friends turned out for the statue unveiling at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary Friday, January 14. It was a bit of a turn off when we arrived at the front gate and was asked if we were on the guest or press list and that we couldn't park inside the cemetary, however the security guard was cool in warning folks that tickets were given if you parked on Santa Monica Blvd. Approximately 100 people made the trek to the cemetary to honor Johnny in the unveiling of the statue likeness of him. Nicholas Cage, Eddie Vedder, Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone and a lot of other close friends of Johnny's shared their moments that they had with Johnny. In the crowd was Johnny's widow, Linda Cummings (pictured above in the white fur coat), Lisa Marie Presley and others.

Markey Ramone was noticably absent and missed by the fans in attendance. We're sure he would have been there if he could have. (photo: Dawn Laureen)

Markey Ramone at The Knitting Factory

Surviving Ramone bandmember, Markey Ramone, gave an intimate slide presentation recently at the Los Angeles Knitting Factory. The crowd was served up images of Markey from his "baby" days on up to the Ramone days. The presentation started out with a never before seen 15 minute behind the scenes flim clip. Afterwards the crowd was treated to a Q&A where a lot of the tales of a band was cleared. (photo: Dawn Laureen)




X - need we say more?


................................ X photos: dawn laureen


Penelope Houston and Juliette Lewis photo: Dawn Laureen.......................................................Jon Doe, Bob Forrest, Flea photo: Dawn Laureen ......



The first thought one thinks when hearing the band name, CHEERLEADR, is that this band is an all girl band...it's not - so just get that idea right outta your head! In fact these bad boys are from Canada and they are tearing up the stages in and around Hollywood and Vegas. I joined them on their roadtrip to Vegas and the poloraids will be posted shortly. This band is not for the weakhearted!


cheerleadr photos: dawn laureen



................................ .photo: Gus Hudson



Then it was off to Cindy Pop's Kittenfreaky show at the Dangerous Curve. There was spoken word and some weird art display where you slide your credit card on the machine and if you were cool enough your name would appear rank-wise on the projected screen. Jesus' name was on the top of the heap. Anyway, Kittenfreaky is a really cool avant garde art pop band. Cindy Pop's vocals were amazing. Eleanor plays almost every instrument in existence during their short set, and Katherine, the drummer had some cool rolls. Fav song of the evening was "Last Supper At Denny's".

.....................................................kittenfreaky photo: dawn laureen


We stopped by the paint bomb happening, just as Paul Rosseler and Jeff was driving outta the drive way. Yep - we got there at the end...and it was still happening to check out all the photos shot that night of a guy and gal who were the targets of the paint bombs...very creative deal if you ever get a chance to check it out. It's highly recommended to get there toward the beginning though so you can witness the explosions of the paint on the persons!


Coming soon...Interview with Black Flag producer ARTIST GEZA X!

.........................Geza X photo: Dawn Laureen



Penelope Houston photo: Dawn Laureen


Falling James of Leaving Trains photo: Dawn Laureen




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